This Video Will Change Your Life Forever *Butterfly Effect*

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Adam Horwitz is a YouTuber who is behind the WOLVES channel. He is constantly traveling to new, exotic locations...he is always on vacation. I decided to uncover how he affords to live this lifestyle. I have been following Adam Horwitz for years now and he has totally changed my mindset on what is possible when it comes to life and careers. I made this video as a short documentary and to give insight into one of my biggest inspirations in life.

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  1. Cool motion picture. Especially when you capture that drone footage when you travel.

    In reference to the timeline at 34:0234:35. Grades don't determine how smart someone is, just how hard they worked.

    What's the difference between school and life? In school your given a lesson and then a test. In life your given a test that teaches you a lesson.

    Why we have to go to school?

  2. Hey guys! I’m a new vlogger and I am trying to get my name out there!! Adam is a huge inspiration to me, and is one of the reasons I started Vlogging!! So if you would, SUBSCRIBE to my channel, and I’ll subscribe to yours.

  3. Danm, I have the same mindset as the guy on the right! I really enjoy your videos, not many people do these kind of videos actually talking about REAL Life, or what the hell Real life is 🙂 I just wanna know, when did you guys start thinking this way, or is it something that you always have had but you just become more aware of with the age? Keep it up guys, its amazing!

  4. Adam please read this: You could activate community captions so that people (like me who speak English and Spanish or any other language apart from English) can transcript what you’re saying in English to their own language so that everyone gets your message. I think your videos are really inspiring and there are so many people requesting Spanish captions so it’s probably the easiest way for you to do it because we’ll be doing it for you. Hope it helps, lots of love! ?

  5. Ironic, you talk about the van life, I've been looking into it. I live in San Diego and pay $1500 for a one bedroom, and can not get lucky with a roommate. Your not tied down either to a place. I've had a 3 story loft in OLD town, and it didn't make me happy, due to being with the wrong person. People are everything!?

  6. Aaaah I would love to have this talks with you guys, like all of my life I’ve been thinking so many weird stuff that all of the people I tell don’t understand and that I think you guys could get it and it’s just sooo crazyy! This is an amazing and honest video??

This Video Will Change Your Life Forever *Butterfly Effect*

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