Spain Travel Guide | Tips & Local Hacks for Visiting Spain

Traveling to Spain? Join Alex and Marko the Vagabrothers as they share all the tips and local advice they learned while living in Spain for three years. This video shares everything you need to know before you visit Spain. From Madrid to Barcelona, Valenica to San Sebastian, Bilbao to Burgos, this guide will teach you all you need to know before you travel to Spain!





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Comments 41

  1. What kind of sherry is best? I thought Galician was a dialect. Did they exhume Franco's body to bury it elsewhere? I was waiting for you to mention desserts. I love flan. You have done well to debunk some myths. ??I only have two thumbs, so one for each of you. Maybe you can talk about grape crushing. Where is that done?

  2. The story I know about the tapas comes from madrid. The king… i think Alfonso X the clever one hahaha; noticed that the workers went to the bars and decided to use their money to only drink and they had nothing to eat, so they went back to work drunk… So this king decided to make the bars give a little piece of food with the drinks so the workers had something to eat and could go back to work afterwards.

  3. Hi guys, your video is very good BUT I need to point out that, contrary to what a lot of people think, Spain isn't actually the birth place of the Inquisition. The Vatican invented it and then "forced" monarchs to implement it in their realms, which they usually did because at the time it was essential to be in the Pope's favor. It's true that it was implemented in Spain but it existed in a lot of European countries (in fact, in France it was implemented in the 12th century and Spain implemented it in the 15th century). Yes, the Inquisition was active here but it wasn't the only one and I find so unfair that a lot of people "demonizes" Spain for this (like it was the only country where things like that were done) when every country in History has used violence with religious purposes. I hope I helped clear things up 🙂

  4. My family descended from Las Islas Canarias specifically Tenerife ?????? When you mentioned "Volver" I was thinking FINALLY someone who knows about this amazing movie. It's one of my favorites since I was younger.

  5. I think its better to recommend real spanish literatures instead of an american dude tellings stories. I mean spanish speaking world in literature is huge, rich and old around the world. Nice video though.

  6. Loved this video! You know more about my country than I do, and I'm glad that you mentioned the "tortilla de patatas" as the most classic Spanish dish! Very well explained, very detailed and very accurate, thanks a lot for learning so much about my country and sharing it with the world 🙂

  7. Although the video is quite accurate, thank you for forgetting the best of Spain, Asturias and Galicia. They eat better because they do not need to alter a good product very much, since they have the best fish, meat and seafood (the best in the world). Amazing landscaping, beaches, mountains … They are the Celtic countries of Spain with very different customs. Galicia has the longest life expectancy, after Japan. Keep forgetting us so that tourism does not spoil all that, thanks.

  8. Hi! I'm from Barcelona and I have to say:
    1. Languages are not tricky things, they've always existed more languages than Spanish is just that Franco prohibited them during his dictatorship.
    2. The map at 5:01 is totally incorrect, Catalan is talked in all the area of Catalonia, that map is missing Girona and part od Lleida as Catalan speakers, makes no sense.
    3. I encourage to know more about Catalan Independence!
    Gràcies pel vostre temps, qualsevol dubte m'ho dieu 🙂

Spain Travel Guide | Tips & Local Hacks for Visiting Spain

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