Oakland , California 4k ( Story of the Community)

Oakland, California is arguably one of the most most important cities to the Black community in America.

Everything from it being the birthplace of the Black Panthers, to the Black excellence seen and experienced in the booming tech scene.

Black excellence and the power of the community runs through the veins of this city, and it was a privilege to be able to capture it all.

Although there are too many people to thank, I want to thank the city of Oakland for giving me and my Passport Heavy team the opportunity to help tell the story of your city through the voices of your community.

Expect to see part two of the documentary in a few months, but for now I hope you enjoy part 1 of Discovering: Oakland, California.

Biggest thanks to Passportheavy Team jp.isaacs keturah king Arnold Francis without them this not possible.

Thank you Visit Oakland for believing in the vision.

Charles Kuykendoll , D’wayne Wiggins, DB, Jerry Nemorin thankk yu for showing me around this episide.


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  1. Wow! Oakland is an amazing place just full with a rich history and all kinds of culture. Props to the team for the amazing camera work, editing, and just an overall well-done piece. Looking forward to watching the entire series.

  2. I moved to Oakland for work about 3. Years ago and I fell in love, something about it changed my life and I can’t see myself leaving anytime soon it’s magnetic thank for this series man! I even saw one of my friends in the back ground at the taco truck scene haha

  3. Been living in Oakland since I was 5. I am truly blessed to be raised here, I've learned so much, became so much more aware as a human, and overall more understanding. I wish all cities were as diverse as Oakland, I truly believe it would change the world.

  4. I love Oakland, I lived in E Oakland and W Oakland in the late '80s and never had any problems, I also lived in Central Oakland near Piedmont. I love Lake Merritt and Juneteenth! I love the A's and 9rs (sorry Raiders) and Golden State Warriors. I love the Taquerias, Bar-b-que, and every type of ethnic foods. Chinatown, the small performance theatres, the Latin and jazz music scene, etc. What is not to love about Oakland!

  5. 916 up in here.. Hella fam in East O, so I've been going out there since the 80's (Eastmont Mall). Excellent video & good representation of The Town. If you're moving there, make sure to go to Hiero Day this yr! Appreciate your vids too! I do hella traveling and visited some destinations in part do to your recommendations.

  6. I live in East Oakland. I love Oakland. Yes we might be one of the top 10 most dangerous cities to live but I have never lived in a city that all cultures and nationalities can come together in one place enjoy each other's company , laugh and can come together as a community without the drama. I live on seminary and yeah there's trash on our streets but when you sit back and look past all that Oakland is a beautiful place.

  7. I love my city townbidness, great video can't wait to see the other 2 parts, it's crazy I always tell my wife Chicago is nice I been there 3x, and I went from the west side to the south side, had to hit grant park, the taste of Chicago is too damn hot in the summer tho food was good, got some garret popcorn even though those damn lines be around the corner. I love chicago

  8. Great truth esp the ppl in Oakland are down to earth and loving esp it's beautiful diversity with much warmth :-)?????????????????most of all we have the Warriors:-)#1?????????????????????????????????

Oakland , California 4k ( Story of the Community)

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