December in Lagos Nigeria

Lagos, Nigeria is a place that the world needs to know about!

Help me spread that message by sharing this video or any content that is moving the narrative of what is actually in the motherland.

We’ve seen enough of the foolishness and one-sided approach of coming to Africa for safaris, its time to show what really goes down!

Let’s show the world how we. . .

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  1. They did not have enough footage because most of the infrastructure is run down, dangerous, and dirty. If you saw the scene with the yellow van with people hanging out, well it’s like that. When I went to Nigeria, we had to hire a bodyguard. If you ride inside a taxi are car there with your arm hanging out. You are most likely to have your watch, or phone snatched by people on scooters. I have Nigerians friends in the USA and they gave me the low down on what to be on the look out for. There is a lot of crime, corruption by the police and politicians. So if you go there, go with a partner, and don’t wear a lot of jewelry, watches, and expensive brand clothing. You are going to draw attention, and you will be followed. Remember when Jubril got robbed in his sleep in South Africa. They watched and followed him because of all the camera gear. Well it’s way worst than that. Also, if you are into hooking make sure you wear a jacket. The HIV rate is very high there. Most of the Nigerians I meet in the USA an Asia are criminals. One of my neighbors is Nigerian and we talk about it all the time. He is in the import and export business and he is very wealthy. He states that, because of that he always has to go the extra mile to show his new clients that he is a legit businessman. For me Most African countries have not really got there infrastructures and safety together yet. Also, for you racist and African Americans. I’m a black 59 year old male from the USA. I have and still do travel the world and live in different countries months at a time. So this is all based on facts and personal experience. I also do my research before I travel to any country so I don’t get jacked up or arrested for breaking their laws. Also, treat Rio the same way very dangerous. If you are from Chicago, or New York, and have some street sense with your education. You will be able to identify the threats as soon as you get off the plane. I’m just passing on information.

  2. Lot of face time in this video. More content next time…and dont set up the camera in front of Bankooli next time. One of those buttons on his shirt were maxed stressed! You could.have lost a lense or worse yet an eye!?

December in Lagos Nigeria

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