Canggu, Bali: What To Know Before Going 4K

Welcome to Canggu! Come with us as we explore one of the fastest growing parts of Bali. Canggu just a few years ago was a beach club a couple atms with rice fields and flowing landscapes. In simply a matter of years, the area has exloded with new booming business, amazing beach clubs and restaurants, along with an influx of visitors and creative entrepreneurs.

You don’t have to look far to find local culture though. It’s common scene where you have people chopping away in the fields while tourists roll by on the mopeds.

It’s by-far one of Passport Heavy’s favorite places to stay when in Bali. Follow us as we take you on the adventure that is Canggu, Bali

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Special shoutout to:

Luxury Villa – The Palm House:


Luxury Hotel – Eastin Ashta Hotel:


Amazing Co-Working Space – Outpost:


Young Fashion Designer – Hanalei Swan


Dope Beachclub – The Lawn


Bangin’ Pizza Spot – Luigi’s Hot Pizza


24 Hour Food Spot – Berawa’s Kitchen


The Go-To Gym in Canggu – Avenue Fitness


Find the PH team below:

Jubril (Founder/Bossman) –

Anthony (Filmmaker/Dare-Devil) –

Isaiah (Music Composer) –

Darnell (Photographer) –

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  1. I been keeping up with you heavy but never subscribed. You along with others inspired me heavily to finally start my own blog experience, I love your and your teams videos, you do a great job on the reviews. I can only see nothing but great things in the future as travel is in my heart and bringing the world to the forefront and into peoples lives who cannot at the time make it there. Great videos and can't wait for the next one! When are you going to New Zealand, I will be going there in the next year or beginning of next. Onelove brotha! 😀 PS: You really do look like Draymond Green…lol I know you hate hearing that. haha

  2. Cool vid… but for the love of God, someone's that been visiting Canggu for 5 years oughta know how to pronounce the name of the place! It would certainly grace those from the US to not slap a big fat 'Murican accent on everything.

  3. Just Curious why the sweetie always got to be doing sm hugged up Gay shit with another female, that shit is ugly af to me, and the dudes that say they like that dumb shit are into homosexuality…smh

  4. I'm an expat born and raised in Canggu, I'm 19 years old now. You're video is nice, and really is spot on. But you're talking about Canggu in 2014, man that was already destroyed by all these wannabe hipster expats, it used to be so chill ride your bicycle or skate to the beach with your board in one hand, now its just over crowded, everything expensive, and despite you saying its nobody trying to play the big shot. everyone is just so fake… the tourism that used to come Canggu was like the humble traveller type, now its just these hipsters. its not the same vibe anymore, of course the pretty lights at the lawn and the bean bags try to create that atmosphere, but like I just really miss the old Canggu, when I was around 12 years old with my mates

  5. Brother, dig your review!!!!! Honest, humble and to the point. I’m surprised a network of sorts has not picked you up. You got vibe, info, and smarts. I’d settle for any one of those?Thanks for doing what you do. You have a new follower.?Aloha, T Flo, out.????

  6. Putin ,whoever you are ,I would rather clean a toilet in Europe coz after all I would be paid more than an accountant in the shit hole sub Saharan Africa with no architectural beauty,I wish it can all get destroyed by an apocalypse.

Canggu, Bali: What To Know Before Going 4K

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