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Casey Owen Neistat (born: March 25, 1981 [age 38]) is an American YouTuber, vlogger, producer, director and co-founder of the social media company, 'Beme' which he sold to CNN. Casey lives in New York City and used to make daily vlogs which casued a huge growth of his channel. He uses "Boosted Boards" to travel around the city. His YouTube channel currently has over 11 million subscribers and over 2.5 billion video views. About Casey is married to Candice Pool and has a daughter Francine, who is a toddler, are commonly seen in his videos, and his son Owen, who is in college, is occasionally seen. He frequently travels around the US and occasionally to other countries for various business deals, conventions, and partnerships. Now, he makes videos occasionally. By not uploading daily, it gives him more time to edit and perfect his videos. In July 2008, HBO purchased an eight episode televison series 'The Neistat Brothers' which he made along with his brother Van. Many people love the way he vlogs or films, his unique style of filming the whole scene rather than just the subject and he is often the subject of trending topics on both the internet and television. He won the GQ Men of the Year award in 2016 as the New Media Star. On April 5, 2018, Neistat announced that his daily vlogs will be returning in a new collaborative form. The project will be called 368, in which Neistat will post his first video tomorrow as said on his video.

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  1. Your videos Are Awesome ! Especially editing ! Who does the editing part sir ? Casey I'm hooked on your content as a New Subscribe because you made me realise how important it is to work towards Progress ! Thank you ?

  2. It is interesting how in so,so many comments only one critique to Casey, almost nobody is critical o insults him (I AM NOT CALLING FOR ANY INSULT TO HIM PERIOD!) as usually happens in millions of videos but even many, many people compliment him for the way how he opened the box and how he eats the banana. If he were other person , sure, tons of insults and critiques will pour quickly on him. it is a way how many people is ready to approve that (or any) kind of behavior today as long as it is made by a "cool" person (it is the media Casey redefining behavior and modals?????. It is appropriate the way how he opened the MacBook??? to be approved by so many people???, It is appropriate or okey the way how he ate the banana?……apparently for many it is and something worthy to be imitated…….What if somebody opens YOUR NEW computer and as a gift gives you a "beautiful" (sorry, "cool" ) scratch on it?……welcome to be "cool"….

  3. Every video Casey puts out is a Masterpiece! He keeps them exciting, I'd love to know how much video gets left out! lol. We only use around 5% of what we shoot. The vibe needs to be correct, check out "The Making of Videos"….

  4. I think you schould get a box opener employed just so he can open your mail; without scratching it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙁

    ps: still love your way of thinking about life an so

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