DO IT EVERY DAY!!! Motivational Video for Success in Life (use this!)

“Affirm it, visualize it, believe it and you will have it”
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  1. Can I have 40 people follow my account on Instagram? My goal is to reach 100 genuine followers who are interested in connecting with real people to do amazing things!

    @BrvdGrp ???? Just 40 people who wanna do cool things!

  2. when i get older i want to be successful show those who doibted me looked down upon me wrong . i want to make my mum proud and the rest of my family i especially want my mum amd dad to leave this world being proud of me amd knowing that ill do great in life cos one day theyll have to go and i want them knowing the great things il do. i want to show those who say i cant do it i cant get those grades that i can do it i will do it. believe in yourself amd keep getting back up amd bouncing back when life pulls u down . show those who knock u down u can get back up 10x harder amd come back wid a bang.

  3. I am passionate about deturing or trying to help people make good decisions in life and avoid making choices that i did that lead me down a path which was dark , lonely and hurt people who care about me. I want to tell my story to people and even if one person in the group took it in it would make me feel content and carry on doing it feeling proud of myself for once. Which is what I seek. Because until I’m proud of who I am , my loved ones aren’t, even if they tell me different. I’m slowly going forward on my path to where I want to be and who I am… videos like this help when I’m struggling ??

  4. I know some people are wary of motivational speakers/speeches because of the "one size fits all" approach that doesn't take nuance and complexity into account. But there is still a great deal to gain from these videos and I'm happy to apply these lessons to my own life. Thank you!

  5. I recently turned 17. I suffer from an illness that stops me from being able to go to the gym entirely. There's nothing I can do, even if I get to the gym I can't train.
    I don't have enough money for treatment and nobody believes in me. I feel depressed and I've seen all the videos on this channel and can't get motivated. And then if I do get motivated I'm more motivated than anyone only for it to fail when I try to train again.
    I might just end it all.

  6. I have risen from the ashes like a phoenix. Motivated by the fact I will die one day and may not have this body or time to better the universe. What if you were the universe experiencing a man before you went back to the darkness? Enjoy the light my friends.

DO IT EVERY DAY!!! Motivational Video for Success in Life (use this!)

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