Why *Billionaires* Think College Is Useless

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  1. so i just want to make a point here ( no hate ) i do get that u can learn sooo many stuffs from the internet or from experiences and therefore not go to college ,but that only apply to some kind of jobs … Not everyone wants to spend their life traveling or taking instagram pictures some of us wants to become doctors and lawyers …Like me for exemple i m currently a premed student and i can assure u that the things that i m learning in college can't be learned while traveling or while not going to college and i m not even in med school yet … So maybe college doesn't suck after all and maybe it makes u learn a few things , and i'd like to add that i don't feel forced to go college , i think it's a privelege from me to get to go to college ,and trust me the A student don't always end up working for the D student .

  2. adam today i told my friends i wanted to go full time on youtube, they laugh and told me that you will never make it, they tried but they didn’t get anywhere but i’m going to prove them we

  3. There’s nothing lucky about working hard, dedicating 100+ hours a week to your craft, teaching yourself and perfecting your skills. Having the discipline to work when others are playing and investing our youth in exchange for a fulfilling tomorrow. There are few who are courageous enough to have faith in their craft to put it all on the line and I’m sure along the way we’ll prove to ourselves what we’re made of. Best of luck Adam, keep exceeding expectations.

  4. Totally agree that is wrong all this mind setting that graduation is a must to succeed in life. The best investment you can make is in education but still must be directed to your gifts/dream/passion. If you're learning about something you love to do, the rate of learning and interest is much bigger and you're not loosing your time and not making the others (teachers) loosing theirs!
    I love your blog and you are freaking inspiring!
    Mochileiros Pedro e Carolina

  5. This video is so inspirational along with all your other ones. I've always had the same state of mind is you and seeing you and Inna and Brandon living the way you do really motivate me to take steps to live the same way. I'm starting an instagram page and a YouTube channel for the makeup looks I do and I'm working to try to make that dream of becoming a makeup artist come true.???? Thank you for these videos

  6. Pienso que en parte tiene razón pero, gente tienen que educarse, saber escribir, leer, estudiar otro idioma, educarse ustedes como persona, formarse, el punto acá es estudien en el cole y saquenlo y punto, ya en la universidad que y es otra cosa ahi si tomense su tiempo para pensar que o quien quieren ser en un futuro. Pero lean gente lean, no solo vean videos acá, lean para que nutran su mente. Saludos desde Costa Rica

  7. If you want do one thing you can do, there isn't things you can't do everything is possible if you set that on your priority list. Tell yourself i can do it and work for it spend your f*****g time doing what you love.

  8. I went to college for just 1year of studying and i stop because of financials. Been missing college now for 2years straight and i feel left out. My friends almost doing their thesis and everything, Now… I don't know, i feel depress for not doing what i want to do. I feel depress for not doing anything to reach my goals in life which is graduating in college.. I feel jealous for my friends. :((( I'm taking Hotel restaurant management.. I feel weak. I feel everything, my dream for being a nice and good chef like Gordon Ramsey.. That wouldn't happen. Hopeless..

  9. Those sucessful people didn't skip college, they had an idea and invested all their time on it. I think you are sending the wrong message, not that is is your attention. A majority of individuals won't be able to get new ideas, show flexibility and surpass current ideologies to become more. College is a way to create a safe zone, so even if your idea doesn't work the way you thought, you most likely will have a backup plan.
    Anyway, the video is still great. Love your work and keep going!

  10. when you are poor, and you dont have parent who paid the rent, your food, your clothe, etc. you need to work, and dont having education you only have horrible kindda of jobs… so education is the only key to overcome all those obstacles. Your vision of education comes from a guy who always had have everything, you probably never had any economics problesm in your all life.

  11. Wow this video is perfect timing for me because I graduate high school this year but I don’t know if I want to go to college. I love doing films and photography, I also love doing graphic design…awesome video as always

Why *Billionaires* Think College Is Useless

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