Turning Down College Was His Best Decision Ever


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There are a ton of people out there who feel the normal routine lifestyle of going to College, getting a job, and working their whole life for someone else isn’t the right answer. We live in an life changing time now where the Internet has given us the ability to take what we love and turn it into something amazing. As creators, we choose exactly that, to not follow the herd and rather to follow our dreams.

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  1. ¡Siempre he sabido que es mi sueño, pero hasta ahora no he tenido la valentía de enfrentarme a el, y si! por el mismo miedo de todos, mis padres, mis amigos y hasta de mí misma, de saber que algún día mirare hacia atrás y diré porque no lo intentaste, llevo mucho tiempo pensando, aprendiendo y buscando con mi pareja posibilidades, pero ninguno de los dos tenemos idea de como empezar, solo sabemos que estamos llenos de valor para cambiar nuestras vidas y ser ejemplo de motivación para otros, WOLFES es tener poder de crear millones de emociones.
    Lo soy porque cuando quiero aprender algo o hacerlo. ¡LO HAGO!

  2. I am a wolf because I want to create and do new things, I also want to prove the people who don´t support my ideas wrong, and most importantly I want to follow a path that almost nobody has gone through which is the path of trying something new and taking a risk, I DO NOT want to follow the path most of the people follow which is the most used path of doing everything ordinary

  3. why am i a want to be a Wolf? and why i know that im one?… well i grow up admiring people that travel ,people that makes they lifes amazing ,people that make the money the less important things in they lifes, just been worry about be happy and make well to everyone they were surrounded, they just want to be the best in the thing that they love, when i close my eyes and thing in how i want my life to be, a see that making videos and making stories is the only thing i want to do, from when i wake up to when i go to sleep, and that last detail is why i now that im a Wolf, if you choose me im going to make my biggest effort to make the better story and be a part o the Wolf gang, and if i dont get to go with you this time, im going to continue my path and never going to quit. thanks a lot to give us this opportunity to all the people that is here comment and admiring what you are doing, thanks a lot! and hi from mexico i hope i see you soon INSTAGRAM/ https://www.instagram.com/harlockchavez/

  4. I am a WOLF because I believe in living the life that YOU want to live and not what OTHERS want for you. We get one chance at life and I’d like to make the best of it with no regrets in the future. I don’t want to be on my death bed and wish I did the things I dreamt doing. Creating content and traveling the word Is a passion of mine and I hope to one day succeed on doing it.

  5. I love the way that all of you live, make me to do the same ?? I’m makig a gap year now, and I’m standing in front of the “adult life” and in front of the quastion “What to do in my life”. My dream is exactly the same: making vidos, chapter the best moments of the life. Travelling with one camera only. During that: having fun, and be part of a good team, of a good familly. I really love the way you live guys ?

  6. I want to be a wold because I had been creating content till a job got in the way I been at that job for 4uears now I miss creating content I want a way out with the right guide center I knoe I can make better videos and finally follow my dreams and kick this job goodbye, this year I'm planning to growy social media precence even more it takes some work bit it don't seem like it I rather do what I like than to slave away at a job

  7. This is amazing! I would love to be apart of WOLVES because I see Life so much more clearer through the lens! I can see myself traveling the world and creating great content with ppl as yourselves! It’d be rly dope to travel the world while doing what I love which is making videos! This is why I would love to be apart of wolves. I speak English and Spanish!

Turning Down College Was His Best Decision Ever

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