Being Alone and Opening Up | November Vlog Pt. 2

Always gotta finish what you started so here is the second part for the November vlog. I get the house to myself for ten days and it’s the first time I’ve been home alone in two years. Every day is filled to the brim. Lots of events, photoshoots and I open up about wanting to be more vulnerable on my channel.


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Comments 46

  1. Jenn you’re probably one of the very few YouTubers who have genuine relationships. It’s so inspiring to see you grow in such a loving environment. I hope to be in such a surrounding when I grow up. Love youuuu! And Cheeky. And Sophia ??

  2. I have been watching your video for sooo long, but this is the first I leave a comment. Really would like to thank you for all your effort on the videos, everytime I felt stressed, depressed, or anger, I would just turn on your channel and randomly pick a video, and all the negative emotions would go away.

    Thank you Jenn.

  3. My family does different vietnamese dishes for Thanksgiving!

    I'm glad that you are having a lot of self growth and slowly learning what your strengths and weaknesses are! Hope you have a good holiday season with loved ones!!

  4. I massively respect you as a person Jenn. I think you're intelligent and have a lot of worthwhile things to say (and absolutely beautiful, obvs), and your videos are some of the only ones I watch with any sort of regularity because of that <3

  5. Jenn you're so down to earth and thanks for opening up with us! <3 I've been a huge fan of yours since the beginning of your YouTube channel days and I definitely see growth in you! So proud of how far you've come and thank you for all the amazing content you put up for us. I always enjoy watching every single video and it helps me unwind my long day to just watch your videos 🙂 Keep up the amazing work! xo

  6. Hey Jenn, I absolutely love how opened up showing us the real side of you by telling us it okay to feel not okay at times because that’s just the human nature. I have an issue too with jealousy & envious, could you maybe talk about it on the ways to deal with it? Because this is just been bothering me for such a long time?

  7. After being a fan of yours for such a long time, one of the first things I figured was that you were so much more emotionally connected with yourself than the average person — and that was something I struggled with growing up, then finally came to accept. To know I can admire someone so passionate in her feelings, thoughts, and ambitions in her life truly inspires me every time I see updates of you on your social media platforms. Being vulnerable in a place where so many people are watching you seems so nervewracking — but to see you reach out to us and real talk with us makes the connection of Youtuber-and-Viewer that much more personal & meaningful. You are incredible, Jenn, and I will always support you in wherever this life journey takes you. We are so honoured to be with you along the way (´• ? •`) ?

  8. I LOVE your vlogs!!!! They’re so tasteful to watch, straight to the point, and extremely organized. I LOVE how you edit your film and waste no time. You don’t ramble on about irrelevant subjects but keep it simple and classy. Please continue to make videos ! You’re the only person who has a 20 minute video that I watch start until finish!!

Being Alone and Opening Up | November Vlog Pt. 2

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