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  1. Don't forget though, just because something has made a way for you to be who you are today, doesn't mean you owe them everything. They also needed all of you to grow. It is like working at a job and getting promoted until the company starts doing shady things that don't support the very employees that work hard for them and they look for another high level job in a company that they feel supported in. It is what it is! I don't think Youtube will change if this doesn't start happening. Since there is no competition right now, they will do as they please.

  2. I am just starting on Youtube and this is great! My second channel has more subscribers and is what I'd like to grow. I wasn't sure what was the best way to go as far as ads and different things or how things changed. This video explained a lot and I think you did it with professionalism.

  3. I read online that Youtube only demonetizes Videos (in your case Fitness or sth, idk you. i just looked up demonetization Here) Because Most of the Videos you take steroids or sth. and yes, i Think something like that needs to be demonetized. steroids or Anabolica or protein shakes arent Good for you body. So i am for demonetization.

  4. Maybe youtube should have a system like this:
    Kids app/website – kids stuff, toys, shows and games.
    Youtube app/website – 12~ age up stuff, games,shows and adult themes.
    So every one can get monetised.

  5. I really enjoy YouTube and it's my main entertainment medium at the moment. I think your idea about YouTubers creating ads is great idea because viewers like me could find more channels to subscribe to. At the moment I'm really into vlogs in Asia. It would be very useful to check people out with a short ad. Ads are not bad except when they are they are irrelevant.

  6. Have you ever thought about creating your own YouTube? You have so many followers and supporters. If you were to start you own channel, many people would follow you. Most importantly, you would be able to fix all the problems and issues that YouTube has….

  7. Yeah, I just started my channel, monetized it recently. When I publish a video my small amount of subscribers view it within two days. When Youtube's algorithms demonetize the video it's always in the prime time of my small audience viewing. So, I make nothing, bummer! They've demonetized five out of twenty videos in the past month, 25% and then approved them after the appeal. It sucks when this happens.

  8. I am getting plagued as of late on my car detailing channel! I don't curse or anything in it, just give reviews about car detailing products. I would say 50% of my videos are nailed as soon as they go live. The only solution I have found is to not loose ad revenue and make the video private again and request a review. It ALWAYS gets cleared and I make it public again but it is such a darn pain in my ass! It usually takes me a day or two where I could be getting views/$$$ that I am loosing out on. I can see why the huge channels are suffering. Youtube definitely needs competition, BIG TIME!

  9. Its the adverts in my opinion that is killing YouTube, my personal opinion im going to different platforms to watch videos so i get away from having to watch 5 adverts in one video, its ridiculous!

  10. Youtube is no longer as interesting, nowadays old videos just disappear and they were a lot more interesting than new content and I don't want to have to go into every creators profile to look for videos, I don't like being automatically unsubbed from my fave channels. The guys I used to like most especially superbike videos are rare and at the bottom and car videos too….


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